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 Marriage styles

Choosing a marriage dress can be stressful! But if you choose the right shop and a qualified marriage coach, it can be a lot easier. My mission is to make your life easier.  Marriage is a day you will always remember, and the greatest of anyones life. You will start off the day with two people in love and end as husband and wife. Independently of your choice of style, the most important thing is to feel confident, satisfied, and happy because this is a really special day. 



Classic Bride Dress

What is a classic wedding dress? Classic Wedding dresses are designed to be timeless and come in a two simple silhouettes. Classic, does not translate too boring. It simply means textures with lots of romantic lace and embroidery fabrics. Did you know the the classical style, suites very well on both  young and older aged brides? Thats why regardless of your age, classical style is personal and unique.  


Modern Bride Dress

A modern bride dress, is for someone who likes to have a simple and clean design with as little details as possible. That means you should choose a unique fabric. I would say modern dress gives a natural look, brining the attention to show how they naturally glow.


Extravagant Style

This style is perfect for a bride who looks for lots of details in many ways. Normally its a dress with lots of glitter, shine and fabric, which brings a lot of attention to the dress. Be a open mind and let your creativity flow.


Best man /Maid of Honour 

So you've been honoured by the bride or groom: you are going to be a maid of honour/best man.



it's a very important role to play. You are involved at the wedding as the bride is. Normally, the bride will decide what kind of clothes she prefers. In many occasions they wear matching colours but different style dresses, and for best man it should be the same procedure. Keeping in mind the style will also be suggested by the bride and her future husband.   

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