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About Me

My interest in wardrobe organizing and personal shopping started while I was living in Brussels. I had decided to expand my knowledge on this topic in Syntra, a college that provided various technical courses, such as wardrobe organizing and personal shopping.

I got more and more involved in this fashion world as I went  along with this course , until I felt I was ready to share this information with people having trouble finding their own style and organising their closets. I have been working in Sweden, Stockholm, for a few years organising private and groups styling workshops. I had a great experience sharing my knowledge. 

I am currently living in Amsterdam, where I got myself involved in a very stable Dutch clothing brand, which got me to develop my skills even more. 


As I was traveling around the world, I have seen and learned many different ways to dress and how to make combinations of different styles.  


My goal is to show people that it is possible to become organised and discover their personal clothing style. 

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