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To get the best for you!


Discover your style

Learn how to make combinations that suits you best! 

Find your signature colours, learn how to use accessories, identify your body shape, get styled according to your personality and learn how to shop in a alternative way. 

If you desire to be yourself and find your style please contact me or press the chat button so we can discuss your needs.


Organising your closet

organising and cleaning your closet can be boring and tiring, but it is necessary to do it. It will definitely make your life easier if you have done it properly. One thing I can already advise you is to look at your closet and think about the clothes that make you happy. Once you begin, lots of other questions will pop up in your mind like:

  • In what order should I hang my clothes?

  • Should I organise my clothes by outfits?

  • Is it better to fold T - Shirts or hang them? 

Learn how to make it a daily habit! if you wish to find out what the best is for you, please contact me. 

Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 21.50.35.png
Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 21.50.35.png

Gala events

A Galla is a formal event featuring entertainment or music and usually intended to raise money for a benefit or cause. However, Galla events can also be used for other purposes like celebrating a business achievement or for celebrating any kind of high level events. Generally speaking Galla etiquette calls for an evening dress. If this is your case I have lots of experience in this area. Please let me help you for this occasion.   

How to dress for business occasions

Just to clarify here, business clothing is what employees wear to work. That varies from company to company and even from job to job. That means it can be: business casual, business dinner, business meeting, how to dress for presentation and how to dress for an interview.

it can be very difficult to find what suites best for this situations. So please contact me so we can be dressed for a success. 

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